Resources for business owners during the coronavirus pandemic

As businesses like yours continue to take on new challenges, Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific is here to help. Accredited Businesses have a responsibility to protect their employees and their customers, to act responsibly, to address business challenges, and to help mitigate the spread of the disease in whatever ways they can.

Below are tips and resources you can use to create and implement a plan for your business.

What it means to be a BBB Accredited Business during unexpected challenges:


Be Transparent

If you are unable to fulfill commitments, communicate immediately with your customers, rather than disappointing them and having to rationalize the reasons after the fact.


Be Responsive

Demonstrate purpose and support for your community. Businesses can play a vital role in maintaining strong communities, even in challenging times.


Embody Integrity

Continue to approach all your business dealings, marketplace transactions and commitments with integrity.

Research shows consumers favor the following business practices during this pandemic, especially as their needs and demands continue to evolve.

Hygiene / Protection / Social Distance
Availability / Speed
Handling Refunds / Cancellations Well

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Back to Business

Many businesses across the country are preparing to reopen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. When the time feels right to reopen the doors to your business, you want to welcome back customers safely.

Guidelines vary significantly across states and industries, so check with your local representatives for more information on what is or is not allowed in your area. To help you get started, BBB compiled general tips for businesses preparing to operate under unique restrictions.

1. Work Virtually

Continue to stay connected with conference calls or online meetings and webinar software when needed. Stay in touch with clients through email platforms that make sending robust or regularly scheduled emails a breeze. You can download sample communications to help with getting started communicating regular COVID-19 related updates

2. Finding Financial Resources

Check the Small Business Administration (SBA) for information on Disaster Relief Loans to businesses impacted by the pandemic. Consider other options, such as the Main Street Lending Program. Your state may also have resources and grants available. Check with your local SBA, financial institutions and economic commissions.

3. Build and Maintain Trust

Publicize the measures you're taking to sanitize your facility and keep others safe. Also highlight changes to your business like new self-service, virtual, or pick-up options prominently on your website and frequently on social media.

For more tips and valuable information to help guide your reopening strategy, download your Back to Business Toolkit

As the government released various stimulus packages to help small businesses during the COVID pandemic, we tapped into regional experts to help you make sense of it all. Check out the full library of webcasts on our YouTube Channel or find the most frequently asked questions on our Stimulus Package FAQ page!

Resources for more information

Federal and Category Resources

Resources by State

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