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The Roofer Who Saved The Day

The story of how Roof Rescue came to be is all about living the American dream. Mark Franklin wanted to start his own business, to create both an atmosphere and customer experience his former employer wasn’t providing. As I walked into Roof Rescue’s office, it was obvious Franklin does it differently.

Over my career I have visited many, many offices. I’ve never once seen a CEO with a small desk in the corner while his office assistants have the nice, big desks. That speaks volumes about how Franklin views his employees. Those assistants told me how Franklin makes them feel valued, how he treats them like family, often watching out for their needs before his own.

For Franklin this isn’t just the way he treats his employees; it’s the way he treats his customers. For example, when a bad hailstorm hit Idaho Falls a few years ago, Franklin believed this was a chance, not to capitalize on other’s misfortune, but to show integrity and devotion to those needing his services.

Knowing there were many homeowners who needed new roofs, he kicked into high gear making sure his staff was current on all insurance issues. That way people relying on Roof Rescue wouldn’t have to navigate deductibles and claims on their own. This one small act eased the burden for his customers and set his business apart.

As Roof Rescue moves forward, they continue to work on setting themselves apart in the market through great customer service and ensuring their customers are satisfied. Franklin’s dream was to own a company that was not just successful, but that stood apart, both to his customers and his employees. Though every dream faces challenges, his has become reality.

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Written by Jeremy Johnson

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