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Spring Scam Wrap-Up • Oregon

The following are scams that were reported to Better Business Bureau serving the Northwest & Pacific in March. In most instances, names and locations have been omitted to protect the victims’ privacy. 


In March, there were 50 scams reported to BBB Scam Tracker with an estimated $2,500 lost in Oregon. 

Puppy Scam  

A Newberg woman reports she lost $450 to a puppy scam. She reports she paid for a Teacup Yorkie puppy for sale online from a couple who she thought seemed trustworthy and genuine because they claimed to care more about the puppies going to a good home than the money. She realized it was a scam when the company never responded to her when she asked about shipping and receiving the puppy.  

Magazine Sales Scam  

A Portland woman reports she lost $30 when two young men came to her door selling magazines. She reports the men claimed to be “cleaning up their act” and selling magazines as a way for them to get back on track. She realized it was a scam when she never received a magazine in the mail.  

Government Grant Scam  

A Salem woman reports she was a victim of a government grant scam on social media. She reports she received a message from one of her friends on Facebook stating she applied for a grant and received $150,000 from Steven Morgan. The woman texted the number she received in the message and was told to send personal information to him to see if she qualified for the grant. She became suspicious of the scam when the man asked her to send $1,000. She then called her friend from Facebook, and her friend confirmed that someone was impersonating her and it was a scam.

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