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Sarah Boyer: A Love for Learning

Congratulations, Sarah Boyer! Sarah is the recipient of the Better Business Bureau’s Idaho Students of Integrity Scholarship. This $1,000 scholarship honors high school juniors and seniors who personify and communicate ethics in the real world, which she has demonstrated through community service, personal integrity, and academic accomplishments.

Sarah, a senior from Lakeland High School in Rathdrum, Idaho, told us about her love for learning.

“I love experiencing new things by learning, going out of my comfort zone, and taking advantage of opportunities and activities,” she said. “Even though I learn at school, I realized that I learn a lot when I travel as well. I love to travel and always learn from new places and experiences.”

This highly motivated high school senior won with her essay describing why the Better Business Bureau and trust are important to local businesses and communities. Her winning essay explains the reasons why so many businesses feel being BBB Accredited is so important. Sarah articulated this so well in this excerpt:

“Now more than ever, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is important for local businesses and consumers. It offers professional reviews of businesses through their extensive grading and application process. Pointe Pest Control, a local business located in Post Falls, Idaho, is a BBB-approved business that understands the significance of the Better Business Bureau for their business and, in turn, the consumers in their community.”

The owner, Jacob Borg, says that ‘Many consumers still rely on the BBB. There are lots of places such as Yelp that have online reviews, but the BBB monitors their reviews. Plus, the businesses [BBB certified] have to actually respond to complaints and reviews to maintain a good grade.’  The system of the BBB helps people in communities understand on which local businesses they can rely. Instead of looking to unreliable online reviews, customers can instead look to the BBB for their business needs. Borg says that it helps sell their services to customers that have never used Pointe Pest Control. One of the most beneficial aspects of the BBB is its ability to create trust between community consumers and local businesses.”

Along with her great research and willingness to apply herself, Sarah is an outstanding student with numerous achievements.

“Throughout my schooling career, I have consistently been on the honor roll and received many Renaissance Scholar Awards for my grades,” she said. “I have received several Individual Outstanding Scholar awards in soccer, basketball, and track for maintaining a 4.0 GPA through sports.”

We want to congratulate Sarah for her great essay and all her outstanding achievements. Read Sarah’s essay here.

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Written by Jeremy Johnson

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