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Renting Made Easy: Renters Warehouse

The best recipes come to life in the kitchen. It’s where the right mix of ingredients, cookware and creativity combine to create a product that fuels those fortunate enough to enjoy the finished product.

As we roamed through rooms of a West Seattle home managed by Renters Warehouse Seattle, it wasn’t lost on us the kitchen was where Shannon O’Driscoll Hedges, a rent estate advisor with the Tukwila-based leasing and property management company, shared their recipe for building a better business. You simply take a big dose talent and mix it with cutting edge technology.

Early into our conversation with Renters Warehouse, both ingredients were obviously in place. The expertise O’Driscoll Hedges and the rest of the Renters Warehouse Seattle team provide is essential to guide homeowners and investors through the process of leasing their property. Especially in a leasing market as promising as what we’re experiencing in Western Washington.

With the demand for rentals in the Puget Sound region outpacing vacancy rates, rent has been on the rise. Median rent prices in King County spiked 3.6% over last year, jumping to $2,469 for properties ranging from apartments to rental homes. Some experts even project further increases in the near future, with the rental market expected to increase by as much as 4.9% by next June.

If you think those conditions mean that now is a good time to rent your home or property, you’re likely right. But only if you do it the right way. O’Driscoll Hedges walked us through data and technology the Renters Warehouse Seattle team employs to determine a best course of action for any property owner looking into leasing. Using geotargeted marketplace information, they analyze potential rental prices and project a year-over-year investment outlook for determining if renting is even the best option.

The talent Renters Warehouse Seattle has for understanding that data and then using it to benefit their property owners injects a level of confidence into a process that can often feel uncertain. For many investors, leasing their home or property comes with high stakes. Nest eggs, retirement plans and livelihoods may be on the line, so it’s important they know they’re trusting their homes to an organization with their best interests in mind.

That level of trust isn’t easy to cook up. And that’s why we’re excited to spotlight Renters Warehouse Seattle – an accredited business that has the recipe just right.

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Written by Ben Spradling

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