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Quiz: What Kind of a Marketer Are You?

There was a time when creatives in the advertising industry felt like renegades, a minority in their own business world. Sipping margaritas at noon and shooting pool between meetings helped keep their creative edge as they won over their clients’ hearts with one-liners and audiovisual artistry.

Now, marketing requires more than just creativity. The market competition is tough with new skills and tricks constantly being introduced. Marketers now require more skill, drive, and a constant ability to learn and evolve with time and new trends. It is more important than ever to figure out what your strengths and shortcomings are so that you can constantly improve.

This marketing quiz will help reveal where you land on the map. Hopefully, this quiz can reveal what type of marketer you are so you can play to your strengths and improve in the areas you have less experience in. If you answer the following questions, we’ll help you grow as a professional creative.

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