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Door Tech- It’s All in the Family

Most people don’t want to go into business with their family. Sure, everyone loves their family, but spending at least 40 hours per week together on top of holidays? Now that’s just inhumane.

Yet there is one family-owned and operated business in Gallatin Valley where children are kind to their parents and parents cannot stop boasting about their children. That business is Door Tech. The garage installation company is owned by Drew Burkenpas and his parents, Doug and Pam. Drew and his brother Jason also serve as lead technicians for the company.

Having a family business was the dream,” Pam says. “Everyone says don’t go into business with your family. But we love working with our family.”

Though they have an unbeatable camaraderie on the job, the family also works hard.  

“Those boys have the best work ethic,” Pam says. “And I love watching them work with their dad.”

Recently, Doug said he was delighted when his daughter asked if she could come work for him.

“I told her I’d love it,” Doug says. “But I said, ‘I’m not sure I can afford you.’”

With all three children now enveloped in the business, the Burkenpas family is excited for the future. And though the family recently acquired Door Tech, they run it well, thanks in large part to Drew. Drew worked at Door Tech, under different owners, starting in 2011. Before that, Drew sold popcorn to the Door Tech owners to raise money for his Boy Scout Troop. That irresistible popcorn was a foot in the door for the Burkenpas family.

In 2017, when the opportunity arose, the Burkenpas bought Door Tech. A Montana State University alum with a business management degree, Doug brought 25 years of management to the business. That experience was hard earned at his family’s agricultural equipment dealership, where Doug, Drew and Jason all have fond memories of helping out. As a fourth generation Montanan with a background helping ranchers succeed, Doug and his family already had a great reputation in the valley before taking ownership of Door Tech. The Better Business Bureau, as Drew says, helped bolster that great reputation.

“How does a customer know if a business is a good business or not; through the Better Business Bureau,” Drew says. “That’s a recognized name everyone knows. We’re going into people’s homes, so people have to be able to trust us.”

The Burkenpas’ hard work, business ethics, and fun family dynamic landed them on our radar here at the Better Business Bureau. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to spend a morning with the family and film a BBB video as part of our Doing Better Business series. You can check out the Door Tech video that launches this week on our BBB Montana Facebook page. Hang around and you’ll find all kinds of business inspiration. And who knows, the next movie star BBB Accredited Business could be yours!

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Written by Hannah Stiff

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