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Tax Hustle

“I love doing my taxes!”, said no one EVER. Scammers are
making doing your taxes even less fun by trying to steal your identity. Watch the video above to see how you can stay safe from scammers this tax season!

Gym Membership Contract

Was your New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym and get fit?
You’re not alone! Watch the video above to make sure you’re not stuck with a gym contract you can’t “plank” your way out of.

Scammers Blitz NFL Fans

“Hut, Hut, Hike!”, “Audible”, “TOUCHDOWN!”  Scam artists know just how crazy us fans are! Don’t get caught with fake gear this season. Click on the video above to spot scam sites stealing your touchdown dance.

Online Shopping Scam

“Honey, he’s not coming…”  Online purchases can keep you waiting months just to be disappointed when your mailman does show up. Watch the video above to see how you can protect yourself against fake online retailers.

Netflix Phishing Scam

Stranger than things are these Netflix email scammers. Scammers
are impersonating Netflix to hack into your accounts and steal your credit card information. Keep your binge watching from costing you extra money by watching the video above!

Online Quilt Scam

BBB uncovered a MASSIVE scam regarding… quilts? Winter got a little colder for hundreds of consumers who thought they would be snuggled up in new quilts this season. Watch the video above to see how this unlikely scam product has dipped into...

PCH Scam

You’ve won a million dollars! Isn’t Publishers Clearing House so generous?! Think again, scammers are impersonating PCH to get into your wallet. Watch the video above to see how to protect yourself from these scams!