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Before the full effects of Hurricane Dorian could even be assessed, companies were already leaping into action. The Coca-Cola Company had pallets of Dasani water on the ready. Sprint and Verizon announced they’d be waving text and data overages. Kohls, Disney Cruise Lines, Lowes, Home Depot… the list goes on and on.

SilverFire’s first donation of Hunter Chimney stove heads to Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria

More and more companies are recognizing social good is good business. But it’s not just the Toms of the world that are jumping into the philanthropic mix. Smaller businesses, like BBB Accredited SilverFire Disaster and Recreation Products, are also donating their goods or services towards positive social change.

In 2017, following Hurricane Maria, SilverFire partnered with UCEED in San Juan Puerto Rico, a sister program of the University of Oregon, to distribute off-grid stoves to families with developmental disabilities. This allowed them to cook and sanitize water following a devastating disaster that left millions of people without power. SilverFire owner, Todd Albi, also flew down to offer stove training to survivors like Isabella and her wheelchair-bound father (pictured above). They nearly drowned after Hurricane Maria sent six feet of ocean water rushing through their home. The stove she received from SilverFire was the only source of cooked food and safe drinking water for her family and neighbors post hurricane. Albi says he has 1,000 emergency stoves on standby that can be deployed at any time.

Hurricane Maria survivors, Isabella and her father, receive donated stove as SilverFire owner, Todd Albi, teaches them how to use it.

Giving back as a business won’t just make you feel good it will help your bottom line. According to a report by the CEO lead coalition, Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP), 87% of Baby Boomers want to know about the social impact brands are making. And, if you’re looking to attract and retain the next generation of workers, having a clear and concise social strategy might just be the key. Among those surveyed, the millennial age group had volunteered the most with social causes (50%). The same report found 96% of the workforce believes social fulfillment is important and they are committed to finding it.

Companies aren’t just donating goods and services following natural disasters, like Hurricanes Dorian and Maria, they’re giving money too. The amount of corporate cash donations towards disaster recovery is up 306% since 2015, according to CECP.

How is your business doing good? We want to hear your story. Email me at dawn.johnson@thebbb.org.

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