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Bee the Change: Glorybee

Today’s world has become a danger zone for bees. Between environmental struggles, radioactive waves that distract bees away from hives and pesticides killing bee colonies, many bee species are entering the endangered list.  GloryBee understands the future of bees and honey is at risk and it is dedicated to the survival of both through its business.

GloryBee works not only to supply communities with delicious natural sweeteners, but also to helping raise awareness and education for the bee community. In fact, the company donates 1% of all retail sales to Oregon State University and Washington State University to help fund honeybee research. They also partner with companies like Dutch Bros and Tillamook to educate communities on the importance of bees.

Glorybee started in 1975 in the garage of Dick and Pat Turanski. The dream was to supply their community with natural, healthy ingredients. From a simple family honey stand, Glorybee has been through many seasons to become the global distributor it is today. The family company is now run by Dick and Pat’s children Alan Turanski and ReaJean Wilson.

While their focus has changed somewhat over the years, one has stayed the same. Glorybee strives to on stay relevant in a growing industry while supplying companies, communities and consumers with delicious, wholesome and healthy products.

GloryBee has held Better Business Bureau accreditation for over four years. Their dedication to upholding their staff and vendors to the highest possible ethical standards are just a few of the reasons they continue to be accredited; and their genuine relationships and core values are why their business thrives.

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Written by Courtney Green

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