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Basketball, Pianos and Pilates: A Journey to Building a Better Business

Remember, Remember.  The third week of September.  In 2019, I had the privilege of being able to visit some big, small and in-between businesses in the Spokane area.  The amount of history and insight to the importance of community was at the forefront of the conversations we had.  The Build a Better Business Series has showcased so many businesses across our region from Hawaii to Wyoming.  Yet, each one of these businesses has its own, unique story.  Seeing their commitment to staff, customers and community is truly humbling. 

Our first stop was a big one, Gonzaga University.  The campus, which is beautiful, was very picturesque as we toured around getting some spectacular shots and insightful interviews.  The rich history of this university is woven throughout the community of Spokane which has established Gonzaga as a cornerstone for the area.  Living in Spokane has changed my perspective on basketball.  I had zero idea what college basketball is all about, but now that I live in a city where basketball is king, I am starting to get on board with this sport. 

Peggy Sue Loroz- Gonzaga University

The afternoon of our first day was a complete change from the morning; in such a good way.  We visited Core Pilates and Wellness in Kendall Yards.  To gain some perspective on what it’s like to do Pilates, I reached out to owner Dana Wall, who offered to do an assessment.  During the process I learned that I was way out of line in my spine and shoulders.  They corrected my posture and the way I was sitting, all the while using muscles I had forgotten about for far too long.  My vision of Pilates was from trying a DVD years ago and realizing it was not for me. However, I wanted to give it another try.  The oddest thing that I had to do was having my legs in straps and trying to do the exercises.  To be honest, I was not very good at it.  During the shoot with our amazing videographer Mike Di Donato, we were shown how Pilates were really supposed to be done and it was amazing to see how Pilates can help your body, mind and soul.

Class at Core Pilates & Wellness

Our second day of shoots was filled with music and coffee.  First, we journeyed to Music City Spokane, a multigenerational business that has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau for over 45 years.  It inspired me to consider something.  Could I actually learn how to play the piano? Maybe.  I do have a foundation of music; I was in the radio industry for over a decade and I played the clarinet in junior high.  We dove deeply into the history of Music City Spokane, from their days in a small warehouse in downtown Spokane to their current location on Monroe Street being run by a father, son and granddaughter.  As they work to bring music into people’s homes, the biggest commitment is to their highly skilled employees and commitment to customer service.

Our final stop on the Build a Better Business Video Tour involved one of my favorite things; coffee.  Owner of Indaba Coffee Bobby Enslow sat down with us to talk about coffee, community and happiness.  The smile on his face burned into the camera, his passion for Spokane echoed in our ears as we drank in his love of his community and commitment to it.  Onlookers were hardly phased by the cameras, lights and interview going on behind and beside them.  The space and feel inside the latest Indaba Coffee establishment that opened this year was breathtaking, with an open concept stretching three stories above us.  Hearing Bobby speak about Spokane with admiration, conviction and optimism was amazing and we look forward to where his next adventure will take us.

The Build a Better Business series has already showcased so many Accredited Businesses in the Pacific Northwest and we look forward to sharing our experiences in the Spokane area.  Closer to us posting the video we will let you know and provide an in depth behind the scenes blog on what it was like for each one.  Thank you to Gonzaga, Core Pilates and Wellness, Music City Spokane and Indaba Coffee for being the most amazing hosts and allowing us to share their stories.

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Written by Tyler Russell

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