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Albert Lam: An Essay and Life to Take Notice Of

I was terrible at writing essays in school. Spelling, grammar and punctuation were not the strongest tools in my communication toolbox, so I was particularly inspired when I read the essay from Albert Lam. Albert is the Better Business Bureau Scholarship Award Winner for Washington. From the first sentences of the essay, it was clear that this exceptional young man was someone to take notice of now and in the future.

Albert’s family came to the United States from Vietnam with nothing more than the tattered clothes on their bodies, fifteen dollars, and a dream. His family settled on Mercer Island where his parents chased their American Dream with an entrepreneurial spirit, passing those ideals onto their son to build a strong work ethic, and have the grit to follow his own path. He describes his family as positive and has turned his family’s fortitude into a personal mantra, “Turn problems into projects.”

These traits started for Albert when he was young, as he was born nine weeks early at just three and a half pounds. He credits badminton as his savior, allowing him to fight physical ailments as well as the mental insecurities of a “frail child.”

Innovating is in his blood, and that can be found through his co-founding of the Open Lens Think Tank in the summer of 2018; it was dedicated to fighting misinformation and promoting ethical business practices.

Not one to shy away from helping, Albert started a fundraising campaign in 2017 to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey by buying 1,000 pencils with the phrase “Hurricane Harvey Pencil Fund.”  The $300 investment turned into $16,168 dollars for the Red Cross, and five months later, a matching donation from Johnathan at WE Charity brought the fundraising total to a whopping $32,336.

Albert notes, “The fundraiser is the one achievement I am most proud of, not because I was able to raise lots of money, but because I took a leap of faith. I fought past the ‘Someone else will do it’ and the ‘What difference could I make?’ It’s one of the hardest battles I fought, and I won against myself.”

This well-rounded young man is impressive and inspirational. Albert, I look forward to seeing what you bring to this world, and I have no doubt you will find a way to make it better. Congratulations on winning the Better Business Bureau’s $1,000 Scholarship Award for Washington.

Read Albert’s essay here. (linkto: https://bbb-scholarship.org/albert-lam/)

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Written by Tyler Russell

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