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Alaska’s Quickest Healthcare Option

What do you do when you have a small sprain but don’t have a primary care physician? Or it’s Sunday afternoon and that small sore throat that started Friday afternoon has now turned into a full-blown DEATH COLD? Going to the hospital for what might be pneumonia or maybe it’s food poisoning sounds like overkill and a very expensive trip to the emergency department! But in today’s hustle and bustle we all want quick, easy and convenient, and we want it seven days a week. Cue in “Providence Express Care!”

What is Providence Express Care you might ask? It’s a faster way to well; with same-day appointments and extended hours seven days a week so you can be seen on Sunday before that big meeting Monday morning! It’s when you need care for the stuff you just can’t treat at home – a sore throat that won’t quit, a soccer sprain, a stomachache that defies the pink drink. You get the idea. Providence Health Care Alaska just opened its fourth location in midtown Anchorage, with three other locations across the city and a fifth location opening in Eagle River in the spring of 2020.

Providence treats common conditions and offers convenient exams and lab tests. All exams are conducted in private rooms. If it turns out you need more than what the Express Care team can offer, they have a network of providers, clinics and hospitals to get you the specialized care you need. Patients can either walk-in to one of Providence’s many locations or log on to its website and book an appointment from 7am to last appointment of the day starting at 6:40pm.

There is also the option of talking with a provider right from the comfort of your own home via a “Virtual” visit. Believe it or not, your provider can rely on your medical history to make an accurate diagnosis most of the time. Your provider may ask you to assist in the visit depending on your symptoms, for example, you may be asked to take your temperature or shine a light on your throat. Any vitals taken usually confirm – not determine – a diagnosis. That’s why it’s important to tell them your specific symptoms, including the duration and severity, as well as any drugs (over the counter or prescribed) you’ve taken recently.

Here is the part that told me this health care provider puts its money where its mouth is: “If we can’t help you, we’ll refer you elsewhere and you won’t pay a penny.”

In a time where people need/want items, food and services on a seven day a week basis and not just Monday – Friday, it’s nice to know there are businesses out there listening to the consumer and making it easier to get the help you need, even if it’s a Sunday afternoon.

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Written by Sheron Patrick

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