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A New Pill to Ease the Hiring Headaches

In a tight labor market, employers will try just about anything to find the right hire. From the traditional “help wanted” signs peppering a storefront to ads taken out in the local newspaper, the tried-and-true hiring methods cannot lure enough workforce to overcome unemployment rates hovering between 2-4% in the Northwest & Pacific regions.

So, what’s an employer to do?

Use the supercomputer, aka cell phone, in their pocket or machine learning offered by emerging hiring software. Employers must look online for hiring help. Turning to tech offers bosses the chance to find employees near and far and in record time.

A recent survey from HR Daily Advisor that highlights top recruiting strategies found that 51% of the 525 survey respondents are currently using social media to aid in hiring. Nearly 75% of those surveyed say they use online job boards, like Monster.com or Glassdoor, while 60% use online communities like Linked In for hiring. Yet even in the digital age, 62% of survey takers said they still advertise a job via word of mouth. The common refrain among those surveyed was that their recruitment strategies varied depending on the position they were trying to fill. A full 10% of respondents reported that they had “no strategy at all” when hiring.

With no strategy at all worthy employers are inevitably losing out on fabulous employees. No strategy, or a weak combination of untested platforms leads to long, costly job searches, according to the tech hiring company Recruiter Box. The solution? Recruiting software (or the secret trips and tricks recruiting software employs). Specialized software allows companies to track and streamline the hiring process. Though websites like Recruiter Box offer their own brand of hiring help, their recipe isn’t hard to follow.

First, attract top talent by making a case for your company. What’s unique, wonderful and innovative about your company? Let job seekers know what sets you apart and how the position for which you’re will add to the company ethos. Second, create a simple system to evaluate top candidates’ resumes and application materials. While online hiring tools, like Indeed, Glassdoor or Linked In can help you post a job, you need to make a plan for what you’ll do when those applications start rolling in. If you feel overwhelmed by sifting through resumes and keeping track of interviews, recruiting software may be right for your company. Recruiting software also helps with the third step in the hiring secret-sauce recipe. After you’ve posted the job and reviewed the resumes, it’s time to get with your team and choose a new employee. Again, keeping notes from various departments or players involved in the hiring process can be daunting. If so, recruitment software can help synthesize information into useful hiring data.

The Society for Human Resource Management further illustrates the value of using technology and artificial intelligence to hire. According to an article by Marina Arshavskiy for SHRM, people tend to be both emotional and empathetic, often thinking with the heart, which might be lovely in most matters.

“But in talent acquisition, logic often outranks empathy,” Arshavskiy states.

By adopting a logical approach to hiring qualified candidates, businesses better fill highly competitive positions. It is the need for logic that makes AI and automated recruiting tools increasingly attractive to HR departments and hiring committees, Arshavskiy states. Sudhanshu Ahuja is CEO and co-founder of impress.ai, a Singapore-based HR & AI development company. He says using AI ensures that qualified applicants aren’t funneled out of the application pool early on and only qualified applicants remain in the final applicant pool. This, he says, takes the hiring minutiae off HR managers’ plates, allowing them to fully focus on the final applicant pool.  

SHRM says Hilton Hotels recently transitioned away from using a cumbersome 100-question survey when hiring new talent. Instead, the hotel empire implemented a new hiring technology called HireVue. The software helped Hilton streamline its hiring processes for efficiency, using a combination of video interviewing and AI technology.

If speed is important to your business, hiring software could help. SHRM notes that new video assessments paired with predictive analytics take hiring from a weeks and months’ long process to as short as five days. The HR company also notes the power of chatbots in new hiring software. Chatbots are able to review resumes, gather pre-interview questionnaires and perform psychometric profiling assessments (asking a candidate questions and assessing responses to evaluate the candidate’s appropriateness for a position). 

While AI chatbots and multi-feature hiring software may seem a bit overwhelming for your company, there are many HR professionals and online hiring platforms that can help you get started with smart hiring. Or, if you’re ready to add more automation and less headache to your talent acquisition routine, find a tech company to trust at bbb.org. We do the work of vetting companies, so you can concentrate on hiring your next rock star.  

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Written by Hannah Stiff

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