Danielle Kane joined the BBB Marketplace team after moving to the West Coast from her home in New York City. A former print journalist and editor, Danielle has spent her career involved in various media relations roles throughout New York and is extremely excited to serve as a community outreach and marketplace manager in the new area she calls home, Portland, Oregon.

Danielle is passionate about being involved with and hearing from a diverse group of people, whatever the capacity. Whether that was interviewing an array of sources in her former position or, now, working with local Oregon business owners to help them better serve their consumer base, she believes each person – and each business – has a story to tell.

When she’s not talking BBB-business, Danielle likes to vent to people about how much she misses NY pizza and bagels. In her free time, she’s either with her boyfriend, Brandon, or staying active with different exercise regimes, including hitting up her local boxing gym. Like many other former journalists, Danielle is a writer by hobby as well, working on her own fiction whenever she gets the chance.

She is excited to be in a public-facing role in this new area and welcomes any and all inquiries.